The best 300+ Photo Spots in the Alps and Europe

In this overview we want to introduce you to the most beautiful photo spots in the Alps and in Europe. Many are beautiful places to photograph, hike and enjoy nature. Some are among the better known locations for landscape photography, others are true hidden gems.

This is not an absolutely complete overview of the most beautiful locations, but especially in the Alps many of the top landscape photography locations are covered here.

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Hi, i am Marius, i love exploring the mountains and nature. Photographing those natural wonders on adventures is what drives me most.

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Photo spots Seefeld - Great viewpoints for photographers

The wonderful Seefeld in Tirol is a pleasant starting point…

Photographing in Munich's local mountains: The Herzogstand

From the Heimgarten to the Herzogstand you will find probably…
summit of the Heimgarten

Herzogstand - Heimgarten: Probably the most beautiful hike in Munich's local mountains

The Herzogstand is probably Munich's most famous local mountain.…
Austria Hallstatt!

The most beautiful locations and sights for photographers in Austria

Oh, Sissi! Yes, Franz! The Republic of Austria and the most…

The most beautiful sights on the Moselle (for photo lovers)

The MoselleThe Moselle is one of the most romantic rivers…
Heidelber Sunset

Local tipps for a Photo Tour and Photo Spots in Heidelberg

Head on to Heidelberg for one of the finest photo tours…
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The King Tour of the Northern Alps: Hiking in the Alpstein Mountains

The most beautiful hike in the Northern Alps leads through the…