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Photo spots Seefeld – Great viewpoints for photographers

The wonderful Seefeld in Tirol is a pleasant starting point for landscape photographers. We show you the most beautiful photo spots in Seefeld and photo locations at beautiful viewpoints for unique mountain panoramas. Our best tips for your photo adventure in North Tirol. Seefeld is located on a beautiful high plateau in the Austrian Tirol. […]

Photographing in Munich’s local mountains: The Herzogstand

From the Heimgarten to the Herzogstand you will find probably the most beautiful hike in the Munich local mountains. A short photo tour high above Walchensee and the foothills of the Alps with directions and many photo impressions from one of our most popular photo workshops. Photographing in Munich’s local mountains Directions Walchensee – Herzogstand […]

summit of the Heimgarten

Herzogstand – Heimgarten: Probably the most beautiful hike in Munich’s local mountains

The Herzogstand is probably Munich’s most famous local mountain. Just under an hour’s drive from the central ring road, the Herzogstand (Duke’s estate) is enthroned between Walchensee and Kochel am See and, with probably the most beautiful hike in the Bavarian Alps, offers a true jewel for outdoor photographers. Here we introduce you to this […]

Austria Hallstatt!

The most beautiful locations and sights for photographers in Austria

Oh, Sissi! Yes, Franz! The Republic of Austria and the most well-known emperor and empress of Austria, invite you to visit the magnificent photo spots in Austria: wonderful photo locations between the imperial court, among wild mountain peaks; gentle alpine meadows, idyllic mountain lakes and picturesque towns with charm. Let’s get to photo tips for […]

The most beautiful sights on the Moselle (for photo lovers)

The Moselle is one of the most romantic rivers in Germany. The famous and traditional wine culture is cultivated here. Between vineyards, traditional wine-growing villages, romantic towns and a well-constructed cycle path, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest here. In combination with the many palaces, castles and the wild valley, a photo tour along […]

Heidelber Sunset

Local tipps for a Photo Tour and Photo Spots in Heidelberg

Head on to Heidelberg for one of the finest photo tours in Germany! Heidelberg is not only one of the most famous student cities in Germany and a tourist magnet, but also a really good spot to make a small photo hike around the old town. Tip: Best time to discover Heidelberg for a photo […]

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The King Tour of the Northern Alps: Hiking in the Alpstein Mountains

The most beautiful hike in the Northern Alps leads through the Alpstein massif. Picturesque views, massive granite slabs, idyllically situated mountain lakes and a Swiss postcard landscape of the very finest. All information, directions and the most beautiful vantage points! The Alpstein is a relatively small mountain massif in the Appenzell Alps in north-eastern Switzerland. […]

Problem solution: Lightroom does not recognize RAW format of the new camera

What to do when Lightroom does not support RAW format of your new camera

If you buy a new camera and shoot in raw format, you’ll sometimes be surprised: Lightroom doesn’t recognize the new raw files! Big question mark, we’ll show you the 4 best solutions. Short answer: There is a solution for your problem. I show you 4 ways how you can easily solve your RAW file format […]

xmp files folder, how to save xmp files in lightroom

Practical Photo Tip: How to Import XMP Files into Lightroom

You have XMP files for your image files and want to import them into Lightroom to continue working with your edited images? In this article, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily import XMP files into Lightroom. No matter how professional you work as a landscape photographer or outdoor photographer as a hobby photographer, sooner […]

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How to Save XMP files in Lightroom – Why you need this important Lightroom trick

Photo workflow Tip: Lightroom default setting XMP – Saving files: Many photographers, including us at Mountain Moments, use Lightroom. An important basic setting, perhaps the most important setting in Lightroom is only used by a few photographers. For years this is no problem, but then when suddenly the software refuses the service, a PC change […]

problem lightroom openes automatical wiht extern hard drive

How to prevent Lightroom from opening automatically when using an external hard drive or USB stick

Lightroom opens when you any external drive? How to fix this A slightly annoying feature of Lightroom is that the program opens automatically as soon as an external data carrier is plugged into the computer. When you use Lightroom and connect an external hard drive or USB stick to you computer or laptop, lightroom opens […]

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The 10 most beautiful and instagramable places in Germany for photographers

Germany is often wrongly portrayed as a boring country. From Husum to Berchtesgaden it is not only more than 1000km distance, but there are also many unique, even more breathtakingly beautiful and diverse cultural landscapes in between. Landscape photographers and photographers in general tend to forget this in “boring Germany”. In this article we would […]